more about that dead? laptop screen

  palinka 14:16 28 Aug 2005

I posted click here

Haven't been able to do anything about repairs as the owner of the laptop is away. meanwhile I've observed exactly what happens. Connected the laptop to my own CRT monitor; viewed on my monitor all is well, normal colours, normal activity; but on laptop the background is pale turquoise, as are all headers on windows, icons are white and turqoise, greyparts of any window are invisible. But whn I ran a disk frag the colours of various files were correct (ie. blue, red, green).

Also noticeed that the cursor, which I described a immovable on the laptop screen, works fine when viewed on my monitor; and DOES move on the laptop - but very slow to respond (eg. 4 secs for it to appear in a new position when moved, and 10 secs for the "image " of it to disappear from previous position.
New windows take similar times to appear/disappear.

Is this all part of the screen problem? or is it a separate problem? My friend who owns the laptop is a great fiddle-fingers, maybe he has changed settings. OS is XP.

  woodchip 15:00 28 Aug 2005

It may warrant a Clean Install

  palinka 15:25 28 Aug 2005

Yes, maybe.
I've run Cleanup and a defrag.

The screen was the original problem - friend reported lines across it, but when I looked it looked more like "watermarks" on bootup gradually fading to white and eventually to the colours I've described.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:38 28 Aug 2005

Have you tried updating the graphics driver?

  palinka 15:45 28 Aug 2005

I wondered about that; don't know whether he's left the disk with me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:49 28 Aug 2005

Run Everest Home Edition click here to find what is fitted and download latest drivers from net.

  palinka 15:56 28 Aug 2005

thanks, Fruit Bat /\0/\; I'll try that.
I've become a little wary of running his laptop on my monitor 'cos after the last tiem my system (ME) started in safe mode and I could only get out by re-starting twice. MAYBE there's no link, but it's never happened before.

But I'll give your suggestion a go.

  Taff36 23:19 28 Aug 2005

Evo 1015v drivers click here

Manuals click here

Mine was XP Pro and you`re welcome to copies of the Compaq Recovery Disks if you need them. I don`t think they are XP Pro specific I`d have to check.

  palinka 09:32 29 Aug 2005

thanks for that Taff36. I'll try them. ( having a day off from this problem today - it's getting me down!)

  Taff36 10:07 29 Aug 2005

Me too! I`m setting up a spare laptop to keep me going and will send the other off to an expert to diagnose. There`s an excellent one in Birmingham that charges a minimal fee for this.

  palinka 13:08 29 Aug 2005

Taff36, I'd be interested in the address for the place in B'ham.

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