more than 3 conditional formats

  peug417 23:11 06 Sep 2003

I am trying to conditionaly format a cell, conditional format allows mr 3 conditions but i need more. Is it possible to have more than one in each condition?

ie = d4="james","Jones","John". If any of these names appear in that cell i need iy to change colour.

  madPentium 23:25 06 Sep 2003

can you please state which application you are refering to?

  peug417 23:30 06 Sep 2003

I am using Excel speadsheet and need to format a cell if any one of six names appear in it.

  tbh72 00:07 07 Sep 2003

peug417 - I have just looked with interest at Excel. You can specify upto 3 condition's, but according to the help file it is possible to use default setting's as one condition giving a maximum of 4 condition's.

Vog is the excel man, I am quite sure on his return if it's possible ( I think it is using formulas / instead of menu bar feature ) he will be able to give you clearer instructions to achieve this.

Sorry I couldn't be more help!!

  MAJ 00:46 07 Sep 2003

Here's the way I would do it, It will not be as pretty as VOG's but it should work for you.

In the conditional formatting box, choose "Formula is" Then enter the formula:


You see I have used the cell A4 and only 4 names but I think you get the idea, peug417.

  MAJ 00:48 07 Sep 2003

don't forget to choose your conditioning at the bottom of the condional formatting box.

  VoG II 09:01 07 Sep 2003

That is exactly how I would do it.

  peug417 09:52 07 Sep 2003

Thank you very much for that advice, it worked a perfectly and has saved me a few more grey hairs.
I was trying every combination of IFOR IFAND and obviously getting knowhere.

  MAJ 12:11 07 Sep 2003

I'm glad it worked for you, peug417.

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