This months magazine DVD

  Andsome 13:20 01 Aug 2006

The label on the DVD case claims that Zoner Photo Studio is a FULL photography suite. This is most definitely not true. Scarcely any of the tools actually function, you just get a message saying that this tool is available in the paid for version. I uninstalled the program as as far as I was concerned it was a waste of time. Even this proved difficult, and it took Crap Cleaner and RegScrub XP to finally get it fully off the computer. DEFINITELY NOT a program that I would recommend anyone installing.

  pj123 16:52 01 Aug 2006

I never run any programs from the Cover Disk.

When you say "this months magazine DVD" I assume you mean September? This month is now August?

  woodchip 16:58 01 Aug 2006

This is one of the problems with IDG they are not vetting the software

  Andsome 17:00 01 Aug 2006

Magazine received this month but dated September

  RickyC :-) 17:32 01 Aug 2006

The software on the cover disc is fully functioning and will do exactly what has been claimed. The program on the disc is Zoner Photo Studio Home edition, there are also 'Professional', 'Professional Printshop' and 'Professional Deluxe' versions available.

If you visit the Zoner software website, click here you will be able to compare the three different versions of Zoner Photo Studio 8 for yourself.

As I've stated previously on these forums, there will always be more advanced or professional versions available of software we give away - after all, that's the reason software developers participate in covermount promotions - to encourage PC Advisor readers to take the next step and upgrade to a more advanced version.

Richard Clooke
CD Editor

  woodchip 20:59 01 Aug 2006

Looks like this may be the difference that as put forward

Zoner Photo Studio is a FULL photography suite


Zoner Photo Studio Home edition

  Andsome 08:20 02 Aug 2006

What irked me is that as I said, on the DVD box, Zoner is called a FULL photography suite. Not by any stretch of the imagination can it actually be called this when almost all of the tools are unavailable. There is therefore NO way of trying out the program. The box also claims that the DVD contains eleven FULL programs worth £754, in all honesty the Zoner trial is worthless, I would have expected one or two tools to be available only in the upgraded version, but not MOST of them.

  jbaker65 10:31 02 Aug 2006

With the next magazine, can I please have a Rolls-Royce for the price of a Fiesta?

  Andsome 11:34 02 Aug 2006

Sarcasm is of no use whatsoever. I am merely pointing out that the claim is that this is a full program, when clearly it is NOT. I would have been completely happy had the claim been that this was a limited trial only, with many of the tools available only in a paid for version.

  RickyC :-) 11:44 02 Aug 2006

Your persistence in this matter suggests to me that either you haven't inserted the serial number which is required, or you haven't understood the differences between the various versions of the software which are available.

Did you look at the link I provided above?
Did you type the serial number into the boxes, as instructed, when you installed the software?

Cover Disc Editor

  Andsome 14:07 02 Aug 2006

I did everything correctly. The program ran perfectly, but as stated most of the tools gave me a message that that were only available in the upgraded version. Also as stated the program also did not uninstall cleanly

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