Mono Laser printer Duplex A4 and A5

  Ex plorer 10:36 27 Oct 2018

Hi by gum its hard to find what you want these days, Any help will be appreciated.

Looking for a Mono Laser printer that can duplex automatically both A4 and A5 without connecting to the computer by USB. Some A5 are manual for the second side I don't want that if possible.

If not an A4 Mono Laser printer that has wireless and air print without having to connect cables by USB to Duplex print if Possible.

my ideal laser printer Wireless Air print Duplex Automatically A4 / A5 250 output tray Reasonable cost replacement ink drum

£150 around that mark, Win 10 OS.

Why are printer and Laser printer manufactures so sparing with what there printers are capable of, its a jungle as it is.

  hastelloy 12:06 27 Oct 2018

How about href direct from HP?

  hastelloy 12:07 27 Oct 2018

Link didn't seem to work HP

  Ex plorer 12:10 27 Oct 2018

I have spent hours now looking for A 5 Laser they exist at a cost but are slow so I don't want to waste anyone's time looking, or for a an inkjet, they don't exists as far as I can see.

So Mono Duplex A4 Laser with the ability to print A5 and manually turn A5 over to print second side with' wireless and air-print hard wired or not. Push my price up to under £200.
Any advice or anyone using a machine they are happy with. Back to the searching

  hastelloy 14:09 27 Oct 2018

The printer I linked to meets all your original requirements.

Prints A5, Wireless, duplex (automatic) for £145.99.

What am I missing?

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