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Monitor/screen intermittently going black

  Random123 19:29 08 Jun 2017

My monitor/screen goes black for a few seconds at an increasing frequency and length the longer my computer has been on. It usually doesn't start until after a few hours of use however when it does it starts happening every 20 seconds to begin with for a few seconds and then increases in frequency until I have to turn the computer off and wait for a bit (I'm not sure if the waiting time is necessary but I've done so for all shut downs so far). I currently don't know whats causing it, whether software or hardware, or how to check it and so I would very much appreciate some advice on how to find out and hopefully fix it.

  wee eddie 19:55 08 Jun 2017

First thing to check is. Are the insides full of dust. Particularly the fins of the heat exchangers on the CPU and the GPU.

Cleaning dust is easy and can cost you nothing

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