monitors swapping position...

  martjc 11:17 12 Mar 2010

...I have just installed Windows 7. My ssytem has two monitors, one of which has the start button and task bar etc, the other is just for extra real estate. This worked fine with Vista. If the cursor was on the left screen and I moved to the right it would appear on the right screen every time. Now the OS can't seem to decide which screen is where and sometimes I have to move to the far left in order to get to the right hand screen.

Has anyone any ideas for making the positions permanent?

  jimv7 11:44 12 Mar 2010

Did you upgrade vista or do a clean install of 7.

  bluesbrother 12:02 12 Mar 2010

I sometimes have the same problem with a Nvidea card. Usually I can sort it in Nvidea control panel.
Select Set Up Multiple Displays and right click the monitor you want as your Main Display.

Occasionaly it seems to reset itself, no idea why though.

  martjc 12:38 12 Mar 2010

jimv7 it was a clean intall of 7 Professional.

bluesbrother... I use ATI card on AMD proc. Can't see any options for this in card software.

  martjc 12:47 12 Mar 2010

...I just wasn't reading the control centre properly.

Thank you both for your input.

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