Monitors - help please

  dnjl 15:25 01 Nov 2007

Can anyone tell me if the following is a good monitor at £39 (with a package computer).

LG L196WTQ 19" wide HDCP/DVI/2MS/1440x900

I don't want to have to have speakers on my desk I haven't room - I'm happy with the ones that are embedded in my old monitor - Do all monitors have speakers inside them please?

What does 2MS stand for?

Also I have seen "D-sub" on other monitors offered with the package what does this stand for please anyone?

  MrBen CI:-) 15:48 01 Nov 2007

What does 2MS stand for?
The refresh rate at 2 miliseconds?
LG do make some good monitors.

  keef66 16:07 01 Nov 2007

D-sub is the normal blue analogue monitor type connector, as opposed to the newer, white, digital connector referred to as DVI.

DVI is supposedly better if your graphics card has a DVI output

  FreeCell 17:36 01 Nov 2007

This monitor retails for c£140. It does not have any speakers built in and you would need to buy additional speakers assuming you are replacing your old monitor with this one. Some monitors do have in-built speakers but sound quality is not usually of the best standard, but you are maybe used to that.

  pchelper001 18:45 01 Nov 2007

this monitor looks quite good, all of my house is basically LG. if you havent got space for speakers on your desk, you can get some which are flat, take a look at

click here

they are good, i use them

  dnjl 20:20 02 Nov 2007

Thanks a lot for all the help.

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