meanjd 01:55 30 Jul 2003

Looking to upgrade to a TFT display as space is scarce. I have checked out some anolouge ones but wasn't to impressed. Text looked week and thin. Would a DVI display make a difference?

  Djohn 02:30 30 Jul 2003

Not enough to be really noticed, If you are disappointed with the analogue output, I don't think DVI will impress. I use the former TFT and am really impressed. Regards. j.

  whybe 03:17 30 Jul 2003

Yes I use an analogue CTX TFT monitor and it's been great. Their monitors come with a 'free from faulty pixel' guarantee. Though you would need to check that it covered all their range.

  meanjd 00:30 31 Jul 2003

Thanks for opinions lads.

  meanjd 00:38 31 Jul 2003

Does anyone know who manufactors Dell TFT monitors? I would lke to check out their website for specs etc.

  meanjd 01:13 31 Jul 2003

Thanks for advice guys!

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