Monitoring WAN speed and status

  Epirb406 19:37 22 Mar 2005

Hi all,

Well here I am agin with a a new setup nad of course new questions.

I have a wireless internet connection, provided by Redmoon Broadband.

The connection comes from my aeriel to a router and is then accessed by the house PCs.

I have a had a few teething problems with the service and virtually lost all speed on Sunday evening.

The providers are being very quiet about whether they had a problem or not. I would like to be able to continuously monitor the speed on this connection but can't think how.

If I interrogate the connection on my computer all I get is the speed as far as the router.

Can this be done withouth regular visits to adslguide? A bar graph or graph indicator would be good, especially as evidence when I go to the provider.

Any ideas?


  Forum Editor 23:02 22 Mar 2005

that broadband connections are subject to the same limitations as any network connection - bandwidth contention.

Your broadband service will be subject to a contention ratio of 50:1, which means that - in theory - there may be up to 50 other people contending with you for the available bandwidth on your ISP's gateway. It's unlikely that this scenario would apply too often - if at all - but it is certainly the case that quite a few people will contend with you at any given moment, and the number will increase at peak periods. What happens then is that you are all allocated a share of the bandwidth available, and both your downstream and upstream speeds will suffer.

Another (increasingly common) situation in home wireless networking is that a neighbour, or several neighbours, who are able to detect your network can surreptitiously access and share your bandwidth. This can only happen if your network is unsecured, but if several people start sharing in this way you'll see it reflected in your connection speed.

  LastChip 23:07 22 Mar 2005

click here for a utility (NetStat Live) that may do what you want. Clearly, data has to be transferred from your machine to another on the Internet (or visa versa) for any measurement to be possible.

This software developer (no relation) can be thoroughly recommended. His offerings are first class.

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