Monitoring pc changes / net use

  Nick-T 23:14 25 Mar 2006

Hi I hope some of you could point me in the right direction for this problem; my partners sister has a family pc used by herself, 13 yr old daughter and 9 yr old son, none of whom have a lot of pc experience. We need to be able to find out when & what things have been downloaded & sites visited when the daughter & son have been using it.

Unfortunatly as the daughter plays sims 2 her account has to be that of an administrator, we are concerned that this allows things to be changed or downloaded to the pc without our knowledge and have recently found spy ware zango on the system (now clean).

Tonight below the log in picture on her account it states there are 2 new messages and there is a new shortcut icon on my desktop for msn messenger (i have never used this but believe it's a live chat type service) her mother hasn't given permission for her to use this. As we tend to do the virus checking, ms updates etc we would also like to be able to see what is "new" on the pc or what has been changed I can see what cookies are under the account but cant find out when and where any new downloads have happened. We have told the daughter not to click willy nilly on links etc and neither of the kids are supposed to be online unsupervised however often are. Without wanting to cause an argument over parenting we need some tools/tips so we can try to monitor what is happening to the family pc in between our visits. The mother is also concerned of the "chat" that may be occuring. A cost free solution is prefferable please, thanks for any advice given.

  terryf 23:51 25 Mar 2006

try a google with 'monitoring child use of internet' as the subject, lots comes up, you may find help that way

  rdave13 00:47 26 Mar 2006
  Monoux 13:12 26 Mar 2006


  spuds 13:47 26 Mar 2006

You might find something of use from click here Freeware and purchase. Some of the freeware is just as good, if not better than purchased programmes.

  Belatucadrus 14:27 26 Mar 2006

click here Internet spy free

  terryf 15:32 26 Mar 2006

An article in Doors in todays Sunday Times mentioned click here and click here and in an article by Matthew Hall called 'Sites where our kids are sitting targets'. You may be able to view the article at Times on line. I haven't looked

  terryf 15:33 26 Mar 2006
  Nick-T 13:53 31 Mar 2006

Thanks very much for all your helpful replies, some good websites there to get us started!

  keef66 14:57 03 Apr 2006

Our boys are 14 and 17 now. We talk to them about the dangers of giving personal information to strangers on the internet, but you can tell they're not really listening. They are teenagers, and therefore know everything already. They are forever chatting to their mates on MSN, downloading music, video, game demos, software etc from all kinds of sites. I get a fresh set of desktop shortcuts almost daily. I gave up uninstalling Kazaa, and now I have given up uninstalling Bearshare; they only reappear in a matter of hours. I frequently have to uninstall other things which I really don't like the look of.
I run AVG, Spybot, Adaware, A squared and Crapcleaner every 2 weeks or so. Periodically I have a look at their temporary internet files, and sometimes get a shock and have to repeat the perils of online pornography chat.

On the whole, my maintenance routine keeps the pc running, and we don't have too many arguments. In 4 years the only download which ever crippled the pc was an add-on for Zoo Tycoon from the Microsoft website! The worst thing to happen was when we were still on dial-up internet access and we acquired a dialler (from a game cheat site apparently) which was redirecting us to a premium rate line and which resulted in about £80 worth of calls on one phone bill. Happily now broadband and so immune.

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