Monitor won't turn on

  ellwood111 21:01 05 Dec 2004

Hey guys,

Ok, today i decided to format my pc, format went fine and everything was ok. I took out my gfx card before i formatted for some reason i don't know why. So after my format i turn my pc off and put in my gfx card and plug the monitor lead into it, switch on my pc but the monitor doesnt come on, it just stays on the amber light. The fan is spinning, my cdroms wont open, the light on the front of my pc isnt on either.

I've tried:

Plugging my monitor lead back into the original socket that i used when i formatted but it doesnt work anymore, the same prob as above.

Taking out the battery for 5 minutes and putting it back in.

Taking out memory and gfx card.

Switching my Power supply with a really bad ower supply which i dont even know would handle my pc as its so old but that didnt work anyway.

I don't really get it as this morning everything worked fine and then all of a sudden nothing.

PC Specs:

Gforce mx440
ABIT SG-71 motherboard
640mb ddr ram
2.6ghz cerelon

:( Help would be much appreciated :)

  woodchip 21:07 05 Dec 2004

Take the Graphics card out and refit make sure it goes in the original Slot if it's AGP you should not have a Problem. Also chack the plugs to see that you have not bent a pin

  ellwood111 21:16 05 Dec 2004

nope still nothing :(

I just tried a second ago and it actually sounded like my pc was loading up, then i could open the cd-rom, but still no screen.

  woodchip 21:30 05 Dec 2004

sounds like you may have jiggered the card. check to see if you have disturbed anything else in the comp press on all connections make sure cards are all full in and check all power plugs

  ellwood111 21:52 05 Dec 2004

still nothing :S

  woodchip 22:00 05 Dec 2004

if you have a spare Power supply try it

  woodchip 22:03 05 Dec 2004

PS if you did not pull the plug when you removed fitted the Graphics then Graphics or Mobo may be dead as there is still power on some mobo's when turned of just with the switch

  ellwood111 22:22 05 Dec 2004

Yeah i tried my brothers power supply but still nothing.

  woodchip 15:45 06 Dec 2004

May just be that the MOBO as gone to the big grave yard

  Poloman69 15:57 06 Dec 2004

Check the pins on your monitor as some of them may be bent. Same happened to me about a year ago - i tried very carefully to move the pins back into place but one broke off - new monitor was needed as it would have cost £50 to get a repair guy to fix it.

Check the pins aren't out of place.

Same happened with my mouse when my sister used it, but luckily i managed to move them back into position.

Maybe this is something you haven't looked at.

Good Luck

  Rayuk 19:18 06 Dec 2004

Having reread your first post a few times am I misunderstanding what you say as it appears you took the graphics card out while the pc was running??

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