Monitor won't display

  melon14 08:49 28 Oct 2008

Hi there,

i have recently bought a nVidia GeForce 8400 video card for my computer so i can play more games. The computer used to run on an intergrated chipset so i had to buy a video card anyway because it was getting to old. With this i also bought a new power supply of 420W.

I installed both and plugged the display mointor cable into the new provided slot on the video card. When i went to look at the screen it was on standby, no life at all.
I did some testing, kept everything as it is but just switched the monitor cable to the onboard. This time, before the windows logo it came up with an error message saying a new video/graphics card has been detected and the mointor cable needs to be plugged into the video slot, which is already what i had assumed.

I did some research ( i had to take the video card out to do this :( ) and i changed the BIOS setting to onboard so i could install the drivers with the video card in but still running on the intergrated card. No luck, the display on monitor was black.

I went into the "My Computer" properties and manually disabled the intergrated video card and tried again but no dice.

I am running out of ideas and getting very frustrated, any help would be more than grateful


  Technotiger 09:20 28 Oct 2008

Hi, first off, have you fitted your new card to a PCI Express slot? assuming your mobo is pci express capable.

Secondly, you did not need to manually disabled the on-board graphics, the PC will automatically recognise that a new PCI Express card is fitted, and will disable the on-board graphics.

Also, in the bios you should reset the default graphics adaptor, change it to PCI-E, then save and exit.

Reboot and make sure you have the latest drivers.

  melon14 09:26 28 Oct 2008

Thankx for your prompt response.

Yes i have fitted the video card into the pci express slot and when i seem to turn the machine on, i can hear the video card starting up.

The only video card configuration i have in the bios is Automatic and ONBOARD/PEG. The onboard option explains that it will use the intergrated graphics unless a video card is installed, i have tried both options but no luck.

I cannot see an option to change to PCI-E.

I am using a Dell Dimension 5100

please help :)

  Technotiger 09:41 28 Oct 2008

You might find this Guide helpful ...

click here

  melon14 09:46 28 Oct 2008

Thanx again Technotiger :)

This was the guide i was following when i first installed it, but it doesnt give me any information why this problem is occuring, grrrr!

  Technotiger 10:03 28 Oct 2008

Hmm, well, if it was me doing this I would start again from scratch - I would remove the new card (pc should auto return to on-board graphics). If I had recently installed any new drivers, I would do a System Restore back to before install of such drivers. I would then run click here and reboot pc.

I would then start again with fitting/installing the new card and drivers - leaving the automatic processes to take care of the on-board graphics.

  melon14 10:16 28 Oct 2008

i have one more question.

Should i install the drivers before putting the video card into the machine.

The only problem is if i do it this way an error message comes up saying.
"The nVidia installation guide cannot find any compatible drivers" im guessing i have to install the video card first, but i cnt install the driver because i am met with a blank, dark monitor...

  Technotiger 10:20 28 Oct 2008

Some good info here re your last question ... click here

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