Monitor volume problem

  EmptyJay 20:23 20 Jan 2010

The socket on the back of our pc where the sound cable (from our monitor) goes has stopped working, but the one on the front does work. We think this happened following an update - but can't roll back to before it. Is this a sound card problem? If so - we can't understand why the front socket still works.

  Technotiger 20:32 20 Jan 2010

Only a guess, but the rear socket is I expect, part of your sound card, while the front socket may be connected directly to the motherboard.

  EmptyJay 21:33 20 Jan 2010

Thanks for that. Presumably changing a sound card is as easy as changing say any port on the back?

  Technotiger 21:51 20 Jan 2010

If you do have a sound card fitted (as opposed to on-board sound) then the audio ports on the rear are on the Sound Card itself - if you can see two lots of audio sockets on the rear of the case, then one set will be on the card, the other set will be the on-board sockets. If you can see only one set of audio sockets on the rear of the case, then they will be on-board sockets - in other words, no sound card fitted.

It is easy to change a sound card, but you cannot change the ports on the actual case.

I hope all that makes sense!

  DieSse 00:15 21 Jan 2010

If the rear socket is on the motherboard - then normally it will not work when something is actually plugged in to the front socket. The front socket contains a "switch" that switches off the rear socket when the front socket is used.

So, perversely, a fault in the front socket with the switch contacts, may prevent the rear socket from working.

In this type of setup, you could (if you wish) fit jumpers to the motherboard to cut out the wiring to the front socket and feed the sound signal directly to the rear socket.

You would need to look in the motherboard manual to see if yours is like this.

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