Monitor vibrates!

  orlandogreenback 22:48 28 Dec 2003

I posted previously about a high-pitched noise coming from my monitor. Well, it turned out to be a simple problem; a 4 inch-square part of the casing on the back of said monitor is vibrating, causing the VERY irritating noise. Unfortunately the solution doesn't seem to be as simple; I've tightened screws, laid soft fabrics and wedged card underneath, and nothing save actually holding the darn thing in with my fingers will cease this infernal racket. I need help. Desperately. Because now I know what dogs feel like all the damn time. Suggestions will save my sanity and earn eternal gratitude. Ta.

  ahales42 23:05 28 Dec 2003

how about getting a stanley knife and cutting it out. then simply sellotape over the hole.

  VoG II 23:19 28 Dec 2003

Literally ROFLMFAO. Excellent :o)))))

  daba 23:25 28 Dec 2003

...and for some reason I expect nearly all people who visit within will have recognised it as such.

For the sake of the 0.01% who didn't see the joke..


For obvious reasons, like lethal voltages, X-Ray emissions from the back of the tube.

Had to be said - sorry

  DAG88 23:34 28 Dec 2003

X-ray emmisions? My monitor has loads of holes for ventilation

  woodchip 23:36 28 Dec 2003

What about putting some wide tape over the joint

  daba 23:50 28 Dec 2003

You might be surprised how much X-Ray emission exists around the tube. Modern 'low-emission' monitors do exactly what it says on the tin, but remember that it says 'low-emmission', not 'no emmission.

As for the vent holes, usually there is not a clear 'line-of-sight' path to any 'emissing' area, and as X-Rays travel in straight lines unless deflected, there is no problem.

If you can see anything through the vents, you may see first-off a metal 'barrier' (and it can be perforated, i'll leave it to the radiation specialists (which I ain't) to explain). I think Mr. Faraday had something to do with why the internals of monitors are so designed.

Nice One, woodchip. I once did that but didn't like the taste once the tape started to burn.....

  ahales42 00:10 29 Dec 2003

darn. i forgot to mention, "switch your monitor off first". seriously, how could a hole in the back of the monitor affect a user in front?

  daba 00:22 29 Dec 2003

have you never put anything on top of your monitor which has suddenly slidden (slided) off and you quickly reach down the back for it completely forgetting that about three weeks previous you cut a hole in the back of the monitor and put some tape over the hole which the heat has affected the stickiness and is peeling off exposing the internals of the monitor to human hands which are descending rapidly to recover something that has slidden (slided) off and the person is quickly reaching down the back for it completely forgetting that about three weeks previous he did cut a hole in the back of the monitor................

  daba 00:24 29 Dec 2003

and anyway if you switched your monitor off, how would the doctors know if you was OK ???

  ahales42 00:28 29 Dec 2003

ouch! point taken.

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