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  pjevlc 21:47 09 Dec 2011

Earlier this year, I updated my Desktop as my old machine was past its best and a difficult one to upgrade.

I now want to upgrade my monitor and have set a budget of circa £150. I currently have what has been a very reliable monitor, an LG 194 WT, max res of 1440 x 900.

One of the reasons for my desktop upgrade was to pick up PC gaming again (the kids have the wii and when they’re not on that, the Mrs has the TV in the lounge!!)

I play a variety of games, current faves are Dirt 3, Formula 1 2011, Battlefield 2 (not got 3....yet!!), CoD Black Ops etc.

My graphics card is a PowerColor HD6850, so while the monitor is not the most up to date, I am getting decent frame rates and images from that, albeit @ 1440 x 900 and not super 1920 x 1080.

There are so many monitors out there, think I’ve decided on a 24” or 23” (haven’t ruled out 22”, but why would I get one of them when I could get bigger?). I don’t have the space for anything over 24”.

The 3 I think I’ve ruled it down to are:

Acer S240HLBID


BenQ G2420HDBL

I would particularly like to hear if you have / have had one of them. The BenQ has plenty of positive reviews on Amazon; the others have some positive reviews, but not as many in total number due to the fact they appear to be newer models.

However, by no means am I 100% on it having to be one of the 3 above if you can recommend something else.

As well as gaming, I spend some time doing “normal” PC stuff, spreadsheets, word, browsing etc as well as bit of time on Photoshop elements trying to make those family shots look better and tinkering!! By no means am I a professional editor.

Also, I am tall, my other half less so, and the kids (obviously) even smaller. Therefore, would prefer the screen mount to have height adjustment / VESA mountable.

I am not at all bothered with the monitor having / not having speakers as I already have decent Logitech set up.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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