Monitor turning off after 1 sec

  glowingsunsets 21:04 06 Mar 2008

I reformatted my daughters pc today, after the pc rebooted for final time when it turned on again, the monitor just turns off after a second or two. There was nothing wrong with it before I reformatted and the same thing happens with a different monitor we've tried.I reformatted it a 2nd time and the monitor stayed on all the time till exactly the same point. Has anyone got any idea's what the problem is please

  rossgolf 21:19 06 Mar 2008

have you installed the graphics card drivers?

  crosstrainer 21:21 06 Mar 2008

Try the BIOS first Graphics depends on what is installed...Could we have more info on your system specs?

  glowingsunsets 21:34 06 Mar 2008

Please bear in mind I am a complete novice at pc's. I've got into the bios but don;t know where to look for the info you want, idiot proof instructions please, thanks for the help.

  crosstrainer 21:49 06 Mar 2008

1) You are not an idiot.

download this:

click here

And that will provide info. that we need to help :)

  glowingsunsets 22:05 06 Mar 2008

It's my daughters pc though cross trainer not this one. Her monitor won't stay on long enough to download that prog

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:18 06 Mar 2008

Assumming you have not yet loaded a new operating system.

REset the BIOS to defaults by removing CMOS battery for a few minutes.

  glowingsunsets 22:20 06 Mar 2008

I've already installed xp again yes, is that what you mean fruit bat ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:25 06 Mar 2008

Wrong graphice settings for the monitor or corrupt monitor drivers.

tap the F8 key as you start and seeif it will get to safe mode (be patient screen may remain dark for a few minutes)

  glowingsunsets 22:39 06 Mar 2008

Right got it on safe mode now, what do I do next ?

  glowingsunsets 23:58 06 Mar 2008

Since I last wrote I've looked in device manager and there's not even an icon for the monitor :o( I'm going to bed now am well stressed, any more advice would be great for the morning.

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