Monitor trouble!!

  shortcircuit 20:50 02 Oct 2003

I have an old Daewoo 14" monitor which I use for my sons pc. For some reason today, it has allowed me to turn down the brightness and colour but not allowed me to turn it back up.I now have a black screen!! Is there a way to reset the monitors default? Why would this happen.Is it ready for the bin?

Many thanks all.

  PA28 21:27 02 Oct 2003

That'll be the Daewoo - sorry! If it's iffy I wouldn't play with it. It's certainly not worth having repaired and bigger (and let's face it 14" monitors are small), better monitors are currently so cheap that its' failure will have done your son a favour. Isn't he worth a nice shiney 17", or even a TFT?

  graham√ 21:33 02 Oct 2003

Tap it lightly with a rubber mallet.

  shortcircuit 21:53 02 Oct 2003

Not when you pay £460 to CSA per month!! Looks like I need to get a mallet.( for the ex)

  jospar 23:46 02 Oct 2003


I can name some very choice words concerning that government department.

My husband ex-wife was a really good house keeper, she kept the lot!

Should have been end of story, until they created the CSA, who decide that the long term agreement and pay off didn't stand and that we (they included my income) would have to pay maintenace to her, as though my hubby had avoided any payment at all, so we've paid twice!


concerning the monitor, have your tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them, they might have become corupted?

  shortcircuit 01:52 03 Oct 2003

Yes . I am remarried and they also wanted proof of my wifes income. If I refused...they would not reduce my payment when we had our own children!! Blackmail or what!What gets me is how she pleads poverty with her boyfriends £25K salary although I pay their mortgage and they just drink and smoke it all away and my boy goes without.Anyway. Enough of this, otherwise we will be starting forum No1,235,478 on the CSA.

Drivers didn't help.Does anyone know how to re-set the monitor?

  preston 02:02 03 Oct 2003

do the decent thing and get your son a decent second hand monitor. you can get some good ones around.

  shortcircuit 08:32 03 Oct 2003

Ok you lot! I've ordered him a 17" Relisys from ebuyer! Happy now?

For sale: 1x Daewoo 14" monitor,good condition,needs slight attention hence £50.

  keenan 09:12 03 Oct 2003

don.t forget 'Antiques roadshow 'tell him to keep it in the attic for 50 years.

  graham√ 09:17 03 Oct 2003

Not the RLT 1720? I wanted that one.

  shortcircuit 09:23 03 Oct 2003

At £450? I think not! If I would not be seen in his bedroom with Simpson's flickering all over it!! It would be on the end of my pc with him inheriting my 17"!

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