Monitor switches off during start up.

  Zorgalite 16:20 06 Feb 2005

I wonder if anyone can help? My PC monitor has a habit of switching off, when starting up, or sometimes after a period of inactivity, when the monitor has "gone to sleep" then when i give the mouse a small nudge, then the same thing happens, it just goes dead and then I have to crouch down to get at a very awkward power point and switch it off for a couple of seconds and then back on, and then its fine again. The same thing happens sometimes when doing a re-start as well. I must say that it is most anoying! and the weird thing is, that it doesn't always do it. It only seems to do it when going from "asleep"/standby mode as well. Have went in to the power management settings and that says that the monitor will shut down after 30 mins, and hard disk, after 1 hour. But I'm thinking that this should be OK, and that the monitor should be able to spring back in to life, with a small nudge of the mouse or hitting a key? Also on the moitor menu(from the buttons on the front there is also a power saver option. I have tryed switch this off, but it always seems to come back on after the thing has been off and back on again. I would be greatfull for any ideas on this one, as it has been happening for far too long and I need to get it sorted, once and for all.

  oldnovice 16:51 06 Feb 2005

Had a simular problem mine was on restart engineer checked power settings graphic card all ok replaced monitor problem solved sorry cant help with checking those things but might point you in the right direction

  FelixTCat 17:16 06 Feb 2005

I went to the doctor to tell him that it hurt to raise my arm above shoulder level. His response: Don't do it then!

Some combinations of hardware and software really do not like Microsoft's power saving processes. You could fiddle for hours in Control Panel and the BIOS to try to get it to work. The best suggestion is to disable power saving. If you're going to walk away from the computer, turn the monitor off.

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