Monitor switches between HDMI1 and Analog

  alex haumer 18:33 22 Apr 2018

Hi, I have encountered an issue with my monitor/pc over the last couple weeks, where everything seems fine the last time I use my PC and the next morning when I turn it on (and i can hear and see the fans running) but the monitor will stack black and only display "HDMI1" and then "Analog". The last time this happened, a couple weeks back, it somehow started working again after a couple of minutes trying to disconnect and connect the HDMI and power cables for both the monitor and the PC. Currently though it is staying black and alternating HDMI1 and Analog whenever I turn on my PC.

So far I have tried the following: - I have changed the HDMI cable, albeit a slightly pointless attempt because the Monitor does work with the initial cable when i connect it to my laptop (as opposed to the desktop PC which is the focal point of this thread). - removed all cables from the monitor, including leaving the monitor unplugged for 30sec or longer - removed all cables from the PC - i tried getting an output while only having the power-cable and the HDMI cable connected. - i have cleaned out my graphics card which is a roughly 3 year old GeForce 800, i believe.

I am using a "shuttle" tower/cube for my desktop pc, so my first instinct was that it might be an overheating issue as the parts inside do seem a little cramped, although i havent had any performance issues as such and the temperatures never exceed 75-80C.

After looking up similar problems online, it sounds like my GPU seems to be giving up, but before i go ahead and buy one i thought i would double check here. Im not especially knowledgeable with hardware, so if there is something im leaving out that could better pinpoint to where the problem might lie please let me know. I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

  Menzie 23:49 22 Apr 2018

Sounds like a GPU issue to me, what is the model of the PC?

If the PC has onboard graphics it might be worth removing the graphics card and trying to connect the monitor to onboard graphics. Then at least you can verfiy the GPU is at fault.

  alex haumer 00:27 23 Apr 2018

I have a second hdmi port, apart from my graphics card that is, which i believe to be the onboard graphics card. i never needed to use it, but its not working now either, when i plug it in. Could there be a chance that its the hdmi port itself? when i plug in my keyboard for example the lights for caps/num/scroll light up, but i cant toggle them. But if there was a more general problem then surely the keyboard would also not react as well, right? Or is this just more evidence that i need a new graphics card?

  Menzie 00:48 23 Apr 2018

If there is a serious issue you should at least get beeps when it is turned on.

For the PC to switch to the onboard the graphics card would have to either be disabled from the BIOS or removed.

I don't know how comfortable you would be with removing the GPU, if it is something you wouldn't be comfortable with, enlisting the help of a technically-minded friend or visiting a local tech would be able to do this. and also test if the rest of the machine is functional.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:42 23 Apr 2018

Cleaned out the graphic card?

Have you tried removing and reseating the card?

Onboard graphics will be disabled in BIOS when the machine detects a graphics card in the slot to try to get the onboard graphics to work you may have to remove the graphics card.

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