Monitor switches off after random period of time

  petersp8 12:35 22 Jun 2007

I recently got a new PC from an online shop (Bolton PC) and I have had nothing but problems. It is custom made and I bought a seperate LCD monitor from Firstly the power supply unit failed and after months of hassle they fixed it under my warrenty. When it returned it refused to load window so I paid nearly 200 quid for a technichian to fix it.

The current problem is the monitor switches off randomly after a random amount of time. I have used a different monitor and that also fails leading me to think the problem is with the PC and not with leads or the monitor. The screen will go black, the green light switches to orange and a 'no signal, check signal cable' message is displayed. This morning it switched off but when i removed the usb stick for wireless internet the screen instantly came back on. I wonder if this is a fluke and am waiting for the next time it switches off to see if that is causing a problem.

Any suggestions welcome. thanks

  ambra4 13:21 22 Jun 2007

have you adjusted the screen saver in display properties

Right Click on desktop-properties-screen saver-power

  petersp8 12:25 23 Jun 2007

I have checked that and the 'monitor power' section as well but all is fine there. I find it is happening straight after the windows is loading screen after I turn it on. I worked for 4 hrs straight last night but again this morning I didnt get past that screen....even after reseting a few times

  Diemmess 12:39 23 Jun 2007

You do seem to be suffering having bought from two different retailers and later involved some technical help from a third person.

A quickie to try:
Load Windows in Safe Mode:

If you haven't done this before the screen looks very coarse and unfinished, but it might show the monitor can display without the dreaded loss of signal.

Post back with what happens when you try that.

  Andy1991 12:42 23 Jun 2007

It seems that windows is messing around with ur monitor. Windows may be loading settings that won't help. Try booting into safe mode (Repeatedly press F8, and select safe mode). Maybe check the brightness.

  petersp8 13:43 23 Jun 2007

Unfortunately the keyboard doesnt work prior to windows loading up. If I manage to get into windows then its all fine but pressing f8 repeatedly does nothing. Even when I reset the PC and it asks which mode I want to load windows in I cant move the bar up to safe mode, so the time ticks down and it tries to load in normal mode! I will see if I can track down another keyboard which doesnt use the usb port (i remember it working when I had an old style keyboard) but anything else I can try in the mean time?

  ambra4 13:50 23 Jun 2007

USB keyboards and mouse will not work untill system is up and running

You need a PS2 keyboard

  Andy1991 14:24 23 Jun 2007

I u do not have a PS2 Keyboard, then u might find that the following may help.

Go in to ur BIOS, and look for USB Legacy,a nd set it to enabled. But then again u need to find away to get into your BIOS using a keyboard. Sorry, but if u want to use ur USB Keyboard outside of windows then u will have to quickly use a PS2 one, do the above step and it should work.

  petersp8 14:46 23 Jun 2007

Got hold of old keyboard from the attic and running the pc in safe mode now. It runs it fine in safe mode. I restarted it in normal mode to prove to myself it wasnt a fluke and monitor switched off again after the loading windows screen. So think we are getting somewhere...
What is the next step?

  I am Spartacus 15:11 23 Jun 2007

If it works in Safe Mode that could indicate that the problem is with the graphics driver. Download the latest one and install it to see if that cures the problem.

  ambra4 15:35 23 Jun 2007

Were you using a screen saver

Try this go into safe mode

Go display properties – screen saver

Check if the wait time has changed, normal is 10 min

Had this problem before where someone change screen saver to 1 min

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