Monitor suddenly goes fuzzy

  [DELETED] 00:40 10 Dec 2003

A friend's monitor (CTX 17" with a Trinitron tube) works fine. Until suddenly it goes fuzzy, like it's out of focus. Degaussing has no effect. Switching the monitor off and then back on cures this problem - temporarily. After a while, the same thing happens. Checked all cables, graphics card seated properly, correct drivers loaded etc. Does this sound like a hardware fault? I've never seen this behaviour before...


  [DELETED] 00:44 10 Dec 2003

How old is the monitor? It sounds to me as if it is on its way out. If less the three years old, it may still be under guarantee, as most monitors have a three year one.

  [DELETED] 00:58 10 Dec 2003

It's definitely over 1 year old - he bought the system mail order, although that shouldn't pose a problem if it is still under warranty. I'll get him to check his paperwork, although I would have thought the monitor would only come with the statutory 1 year warranty and not 3 years? You live & learn...

  [DELETED] 01:07 10 Dec 2003

If its only a year or so old, I would almost bet my bottom dollar that it has a three year warranty on it. Most monitors do, and most are on site. Let the manufacturer know there is a problem, and they will courier you out a new monitor, with the old one being picked up at the same time.

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