monitor starts with an almighty thump

  bigboab y 11:55 18 Nov 2004

I have a Compaq s700 17 inch CRT monitor.When I switch it on ,it gives an almighty thump but then works perfectly after that.Is this curable?? It is SOOO annoying .

  ACOLYTE 12:38 18 Nov 2004

Sounds like it doing a auto deguass you could try looking in the on screen displsy propeties to see if you can turn it off.

  bigboab y 15:25 18 Nov 2004

Checked that Aco... no auto degauss tho I admit thats it sounds like it is degaussing.. all crt's make a clicking noise at start-up.. might be the thing that starts the monitor(a relay of some sort???) that is working its ticket or out of adjustment... i'll have a look on the Compaq site... cheers for now

  €dstowe 15:42 18 Nov 2004

I had a television that behaved similarly. One day, the "thump" was twice as loud as usual and that was the end of the television.

Some capacitors in the EHT circuitry failed. This caused a short circuit on some other part which caused something else and so on. It just wasn't worth repairing.

  captain birdseye 16:43 18 Nov 2004

We had a number of Sony and Illyama monitors that had this problem. Their life expectancy was no less than non-thumpers. We ran them for several years before upgrading to TFTs.

  bigboab y 16:51 18 Nov 2004

So is it a case of "live with it"?

  jack 17:07 18 Nov 2004

Live with it?
Christmas is coming
Get an extra large sock you never know you may find a nice TFT in it.

  bigboab y 17:16 18 Nov 2004

with my family,.I'd be lucky to get the sock!!!!
also dont let us get into the TFT/CRT debate..thanks all ..I'll keep prowling around the web .. must be an answer somewhere,, the trouble is the picture on the monitor is pure dead gorgeous ... just that annoying thump is a bummer

  Graham ® 17:30 18 Nov 2004

It's just the mains surging into the thing, I think. If i think any more, I'll let you know.

  bigboab y 17:33 18 Nov 2004

Keep thinking Hammy

  wiz-king 18:17 18 Nov 2004

Dont turn it off. We leave all our monitor on 24-7 just us the pc display settings to blank the screen after about 15 min of no activity. They still last for years.

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