monitor start up problem

  troika 15:56 09 Jun 2003

i have just aquired a Gateway EV700n 17" monitor

it worked ok until i left it on and went to work

when i returned it had powered down and now i cant get it to start up again

there is a green indicator light on the front panel which flashes intermitently

i was offered a second monitor but which i tested and had the same problem as the above but didnt start up at any time

any ideas anyone have a handbook which might give me a clue or is it dead?

  The Spires 17:39 09 Jun 2003

A green light usually indicated that it has recognized a Graphics card. As with most Plug & Play monitors the unit needs to be switched on (Amber light usualy) before you boot your Pc up or often the Pc with have no idea what?s happening. Sorry if that?s basic. Re-Post if you don?t sort it.

  wee eddie 21:30 09 Jun 2003

Control panel - power options - see what you find there.

you inferred in your posting that the second monitor didn't display either so the problem is probably somewhere in the PC.

The worst that can happen is that this will bump your thread up

  wee eddie 21:33 09 Jun 2003

If you monitor won't display you can't try that solution

Try Safe Mode and then the Power Options.

Hit F8 constantly as the PC boots till you get a beep

  DieSse 22:59 09 Jun 2003

Unplug it from the mains, give it 30 secs, then plug back in and try again. It may have gone into a standby mode, and won't come out of it unlesss the power is removed completely.

  troika 08:39 10 Jun 2003

problem persists

tried unplugging monitor and reconnecting before power up

tried altering power save settings under control panel

power switch on monitor ineffective

green monitor indicator just flashes all time whilst connected to power

i thought it seemed like some kind of hibernation but i just cant get it to start up again

  wee eddie 11:09 10 Jun 2003

that the second monitor you tried on the system dis exactly the same thing?

  slowhand_1000 11:26 10 Jun 2003

I had an old monitor with the same problem. The green light was flashing but no display. It turned out that the connection to one of the pins in the plug that fits into graphics card was faulty. Luckily the monitor had a cable that was not moulded into the monitor, so a new cable sorted the problem.
If you say that it happens on both monitors could it not be your graphics card at fault ?. Can you try the monitor on another pc.

  woodchip 11:29 10 Jun 2003

Go into setup when you start your computer and tern power management off

  hugh-265156 11:42 10 Jun 2003

so does another monitor work then?im condused as you said.

"i was offered a second monitor but which i tested and had the same problem as the above but didnt start up at any time"

and then

"tried altering power save settings under control panel"

  hugh-265156 11:43 10 Jun 2003

confused even

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