Monitor Standby Problem - Windows 98SE

  bloo meeny 22:56 19 Feb 2003

Hi ! Can anyone help with this one please ?
I'll try to explain the problem as fully as possible.....

I prefer to leave my system on 24/7.
I recently had to change my motherboard. I previously had the system set up so that the monitor (Belinea model) would switch to 'standby' after 15 minutes. (That is, the screen would blank and the green power led would stay permanently on). Moving the mouse would bring the screen back on.

After swapping from a Soyo SY-6VBA 133 board to a Tyan S1854 Trinity 400 motherboard, the monitor insists upon switching completely OFF (power led flashing and "no video signal" screensaver activated).

I have the hibernate, doze and suspend disabled.
The APM, LAN and all PM events are disabled/off.

I have tried various combos of the above settings with no change. Rather strangely, when I disable Power Management completely (first item on the PM Bios page) then the graphics card is not recognised and the system defaults to lo-res 16 color.
Also, if the system if not used for say, 12 hours or more, then it will not wake up at all and the screen remains blank, forcing a reset.

Other than that, the system boots normally with one beep during POST.

Could the Bios be corrupted ? - I haven't tried flashing it yet.

Any ideas, please ???

  BRYNIT 09:16 20 Feb 2003

Have you tried a different monitor as a tester.

I had a similar problem with the monitor completely shutting down in standby mode. This would some time not come back on until reboot. I found monitor circuit board had a dry joint. Not necessarily your fault.

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