Monitor signal disappears and computer reboots

  Snakee 11:29 13 Oct 2018

So the thing is when I launch some demanding games after ~15 minutes my monitor says that signal disappeared, the computer stops working properly and I have to reboot it. After Ive done so I can play the whole day without any problems at all. If Im not playing any games this is not happening at all. Also, I have tried on different monitors the same thing happens. Please help. PC Spec: Intel Core i3-3220 3.30 GHz Radeon RX 560

  KEITH 1955 12:04 13 Oct 2018

this might not be the answer but try anyway.

type memory diagnosis into search box and let it run to check for faulty ram. increase the size of your virtual memory.

choose a game and set screen res and all effects as low as possible even if it looks rubbish just to see if what you reporting still happens.

are your cards drivers up to date

  Snakee 12:10 14 Oct 2018

The memory diagnosis hasn't shown any problems. Also, I have added 8 GB RAM now I have 12 GB RAM. And I've updated the GPU driver. Although the problem is still present.

  wee eddie 12:57 14 Oct 2018

It's possibly a problem with the graphics card, although I cannot think what.

Maybe worth reseating it and, while it's out, using a Hair Drier to blow out any dust from the inside of the heat exchanger.

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