monitor shuts down before windows start up

  vielle 13:55 30 Dec 2005

i've just recently moved place and i tookmy computer with me. last week i set it up for the first time but i couldn't get the computer to boot all the way to windows before my monitor decided to switch itself to sleep mode. i can't even get to the windows 'log in' screen before it turns off. nothing will turn it back on again except physically turning off the power.

in trying to fix this problem, i also sometimes got a screen during the boot up process where the monitor is fuzzy, and it's as if i've got really really bad TV reception - ya know, black and white dots all over the screen. this used to last for a while, but by repeatedly pressing enter it'd go away.

i've tried booting the computer up in safe mode, and i can get to that fine. i've also tried reinstalling winxp from safe mode, but the installation requires the computer to shut down and boot up in windows which the computer won't do, so again i lose all visuals from the monitor while it sleeps.

I can't find any fix to this, and i'm getting increasily worried i can't do anything about it but reformat, and even then i don't know if this is going to help my problem.

I thought maybe my monitor was broken, but the fact it boots up in safe mode makes me believe it's fine - i also currently don't have another monitor to test out if something is broken with it.

If anyone has any ideas, i'd love to hear them, cause so far nothing is working.



  recap 14:05 30 Dec 2005

Check to see if your monitor has been configured to turn off after a minute or two. To do this open Control Panel and then Power Options. From here you can select when the monitor is switched on or off.

  sil_ver 14:05 30 Dec 2005

As you say you've just recently moved it might be an idea to check that all your cards and connections in the tower - or whatever - are seated properly, including your memory sticks. It's best to remove them and reseat rather than just push them down. I don't need to tell you to unplug your PC first and earth yourself before doing it :-)

  DieSse 15:39 30 Dec 2005

Particularly look for a bad connection (card not fully pushed home) on the graphics card.

  djwheeler 15:44 30 Dec 2005

Have the display settings been fiddled with, such as has the resolution or refresh rate been put on a setting that the monitor cannot handle?

  007al 15:57 30 Dec 2005

Make sure your graphics card is seated properly,as already said.When in safe mode,uninstall the graphics drivers,then reboot and install new drivers when prompted.

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