Monitor shut down

  drbes 21:30 22 Feb 2005

I have my computer set to activate the screensaver after 10 minutes of inactivity and to shut down the monitor after 30 minutes of inactivity. This has worked fine until the recent new motherboard & some other upgrades and now the monitor will not spring back into life after this. No mouse use or keys on the keyboard will activate it. It appears to be some sort of power communication problem as the monitor, mouse and keyboard all appear to be non-communicating with the computer when the monitor is in shutdown mode. I have reset the monitor never to shut down meantime but wonder if anyone has any ideas what might be causing the problem?

  matt1234 22:05 22 Feb 2005

might be drivers or something not plugged in properly.

Whats did you have in it before the upgrade and what have u now put in it?

  drbes 22:14 22 Feb 2005

I really don't know as the computer engineer just said he had replaced the CD-Rom [the CD-Rom hadn't been working properly for some time] and had put in a new motherboard at the same to time to upgrade the computer slightly. He has checked everything and all appears to be intact and OK and he reckons it is a communication problem between computer and monitor, mouse and keyboard as all 3 appear "dead" when the monitor goes into shut down mode. He just cannot find what is causing it. If I just switch the monitor off and leave the computer running when I am not using the computer and am away from it for an hour or so that should be OK??? Only other thing I have noticed is that the hard drive light is flickering in a sort of pulsing way every second or two all the time but he said this was OK???

  curlylad 01:14 23 Feb 2005

Just a thought but if your PC was not doing this before the engineer touched it , I personally would be asking him to put it right ! The new components do not appear to be gelling together so he would probably have a better idea of how to resolve any possible hardware or software conflicts with your new 'bits' .

  Jak_1 01:25 23 Feb 2005

I have to agree with curlylad, the engineer should have checked everything was working properly before he left. But, have you checked the settings in the control panel are as they were before! A new motherboard would have new bios etc and this just may have reset things to default. Just a thought.

  ACOLYTE 01:30 23 Feb 2005

May be the new Mobo has different settings for Power save functions and you need to activate them,also if you have a USB mouse/keyboard you could check that they are activated,i know on my mobo i have to have it on for my USB keyboard otherwise it wont work at boot so i cant put my password in,lol.

  drbes 09:24 23 Feb 2005

Thanks for all the suggestions but the engineer has checked all these and more but still nothing showing what is causing the problem. Everything looks as it did before in all the settings. I guess that, meantime, I would be OK to set the monitor never to shut down and when I leave the computer I can just switch the monitor off by the on/off button on the monitor. Engineer will be back to recheck things later in week. Will let you know the outcome.

  drbes 21:15 23 Feb 2005

Problem solved! Engineer has spent many hours working on this over the past 4 days with no success. We have both uninstalled and reinstalled things and he tried all sorts of changes to the computer in general but nothing sorted the problem. This evening I decided to read the booklet that came with the monitor to see if that would tell me anything and noted that it said it was Energy Star compliant. I had noticed this phrase somewhere in the Properties - settings for the monitor and went to check where. It was in the settings for the monitor under advanced. The box for Energy Star compliant had not been ticked so I ticked it and all is working 100%. Who needs computer engineers??????

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