Monitor shows no signal message

  john xerri 20:07 05 Sep 2008

I switch on my PC and get my DOS screen running.I sometimes get to the Windows XP screen and click on user icon. As it goes to start, my screen beeps and I get a'No signal' yellow box showing on my monitor. My PC shell is still running as I can see the lights flashing. On some occasions I dont get to XP screen and other times it switches off when I am working normally. There is no sequence of events or any particular application which causes it. I am not a technical person but I think my monitor plugs in to a seperate graphics card on back and it only started 1 week after I installed O2 Broadband but it shows same message with Broadband switched off.
Any help would be appreciated

  Technotiger 20:57 05 Sep 2008

First thing to check are the actual connections, both ends of the cable PC - Monitor, make sure they are fully pushed home and secure.

You say it beeps (the monitor does not beep as far as I am aware0, but the computer does - is it a single beep, or if not then how many beeps.

That will give us somewhere to start.

  john xerri 21:01 05 Sep 2008

All external connections have been checked and are OK. Sorry, my mistake - it is the PC which beeps and it is only one beep. I can go all day with no problems, other times it can take numerous attemps to get monitor working

  Technotiger 21:05 05 Sep 2008

One beep is a good sign, that is an indication that your drives are working ok.

Can you possibly try another monitor, or try your monitor on another PC? Trying to rule out one or the other as the culprit.

  john xerri 21:07 05 Sep 2008

I only have one monitor available and I am trying to rule out buying a new one inless I have to. I may be able to borrow one over the weekend. Could it be the graphics card?

  Technotiger 21:11 05 Sep 2008

Graphics card is always a possibility of course. Have you been inside your PC case recently - could you have disturbed a lead or card inside the case?

  FatboySlim71 21:17 05 Sep 2008

I had a PC a while back that after been moved it would beep once. How I fixed it was I took the side off my PC and pushed/wiggled the ram sticks and the graphics card. I can't remember if it was the ram or the graphics card which had become partially unseated, after it had been pushed fully home the PC was fine.

If you follow Technotiger's suggestion regarding trying a different monitor, if the monitor has been proven to be fine then it may be worth trying a different graphics card if possible to rule out a faulty graphics card.

  woodchip 21:37 05 Sep 2008

CPU Fan may not be working, hence CPU shuts down

  ambra4 01:52 06 Sep 2008

Try re-seating the memory modules if more one tries then one at a time

As it could be a bad memory module

Bad memory can cause some very strange problems

  john xerri 11:46 06 Sep 2008

Thanks to all.
I have moved the PC to new location a while back and tehn moved it out of position a few times when installing new broadband modem. I will try reseating the internal bits n pieces.
Dont think the fan is fauly as I can hear it running.
I left my PC on overnight and the monitor is working fine for the moment. There is no obvious procedure which causes the problem and I find I can work OK when its fine but to restart sometimes causes error message

I will try a few things over the wekend and let you all know the outcome

  john xerri 20:37 17 Sep 2008

To all
I have now tried a new monitor but still the same.
Reseated all cards and checked fan is working OK. problem still the same. I watched what happens on start up and can now tell whether monitor will go off or not. when main XP screen comes up, with the user icons, and I hover over them, my cursor should change to a hand. If it does, monitor will stay on and open as normal. If it stays as an arrow I can guarantee it will show 'no signal' and I then have to switch PC off and retry. 9 attempts tonight. Sometimes I can get on OK and when I open my Internet it also shows 'No Signal'

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