Monitor showing "no signal detected"

  dougiedougface 14:06 06 Jul 2014

Hey guys, Just bought a new BenQ monitor as I'm currently using my brothers whilst he is overseas and needed a new one when he returns shortly. The current monitor is a Samsung, which only connects with a HDMI cable straight to the graphics card. The new monitor does not react when the computer boots, giving simply a "no signal detected" screen. The Samsung doesn't connect when using the blue D-Sub cable. The screen also is reduced about an inch around the edge when the HDMI cable is used (except when gaming where it is full screen). I've tried reinstalling graphics drivers and motherboard drivers, reseating the graphics card and rebooting the computer but so far no luck. Any help would be much appreciated, cheers guys.

  Woolwell 15:07 06 Jul 2014

Which model of Benq? Did you install the monitor software?

  Woolwell 15:08 06 Jul 2014

With my Benq I have to tell it which port.

  Woolwell 19:05 06 Jul 2014

No replies - probably working.

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