monitor shaking

  simon-238946 20:36 13 Jun 2005

hiya when i look at my monitor i can see the picture shaking slightly almost like a wobble any ideas how i can get it back to normal ? many thanks in advance

  Pooke 20:42 13 Jun 2005

Tighten the screws in the desk perhaps.


  amonra 20:47 13 Jun 2005

Is it a flat screen or a CRT ?
If it's a CRT there's a fault in the PSU, 50Hz "hum" on the line.
If it's a flat screen, could be poor connections in the plugs or poss. stray pickup on the leads. try moving the leads about a bit.

  simon-238946 21:07 13 Jun 2005

its a crt packard bell about 4 years old

  pharte 21:13 13 Jun 2005

u done that deguass thing lately ?

  simon-238946 21:14 13 Jun 2005

sorry no idea what deguass is

  jessie .x..x.x 21:47 13 Jun 2005

Had a similar problem many years ago, discovered that the pc speakers where too close to the monitor and causing interference on the screen. Moved the speakers about 1ft away and problem gone !!!

Worth a try eh ?????

jes x

  simon-238946 21:49 13 Jun 2005

had the speakers in same place for the last 3 years but thanks for trying

  jessie .x..x.x 21:50 13 Jun 2005

Ever wonder what that "degauss" button on your monitor does besides make a buzzing noise and cause the screen to go crazy for a second?
Though that's its main purpose, the degauss button has another useful feature. To understand it, you'll first need to know that the earth has natural magnetic fields. The magnetic charges from these fields can build up inside your monitor, causing a loss of color accuracy.

Degaussing scares the bad magnetism out of the monitor and fills it with good karma.
If your monitor doesn't have a degauss button, fear not -- many new monitors automatically degauss themselves. If you have a flat-panel display, there is no degauss button because magnetism doesn't build up in flat screen displays.

  simon-238946 21:54 13 Jun 2005

no button here

  simon-238946 21:54 13 Jun 2005

no button here

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