monitor screen pink tint occasionally, on and off

  John-268431 22:37 13 Apr 2005

My monitor screen fairly frequently develops a pink tint over whatever game or program is in use. Not the monitor since two computers share monitor and only one computer display has the problem. could it be graphics card?
Tint appears for a while and can flicker on and off before usually disappearing.
Thanks for any ideas.

  Technotiger 22:42 13 Apr 2005

Hi, only a guess, but does seem like the graphics card in one pc - had you only been using one pc I would have suggested that the monitor may have needed de-gaussing.


  rods 00:14 14 Apr 2005


I dont know if your problem is similar to mine, but see a thread below i started about a week ago. It does seem quite similar to what i had.

click here

Hope you get it sorted

  Taff36 08:17 14 Apr 2005

How old is the monitor? I had this on an old monitor we basically only used at work on the server. i.e.hardly at all.

I presume it is a CRT monitor and if you check the manual it may tell you how to manually degauss as suggested above. You may find a degauss button on older monitors at the back of the monitor or tucked underneath the screen bezel at the front.

I have to say that this only temporarily solved the problem because one of the Cathode Ray tubes eventually packed up and everything was pink but by then we had another "hand me down" from another department and we scrapped it.

I should check out the graphics card route first before making any drastic decisions though.

  jack 08:29 14 Apr 2005

As Mentioned this occurs when used with a particular PC and appears normal when used with another.
So it would seem the monitor is not at fault but that particular PC.

So yes graphics card check.
Also what is magnetic near the monitor when
pink? Nearby speakers perchance

Move stuff around
See what happens

  Jdoki 09:29 14 Apr 2005

Had this problem when I was working in support a few years back...

Only way we fixed it was a new graphics card.

Tried all the usual, tested monitor and card on/in different machines. Tried reinstalling drivers, updating drivers, rolling back drivers. Cleaning and reseating the card...

Unlikely to be speakers causing problems, unless they are huge the magnetic field would not be strong enough to effect a monitor.

  johnnyrocker 09:38 14 Apr 2005

as prev posted def pc issue and graphics is the right route (check cabling also)


  John-268431 22:40 14 Apr 2005

thank you all for your suggestions - will check out.

  Greengage 10:16 15 Apr 2005

I cured my problem, which seems to be exactly the same as yours, by re-attaching/detaching the cable from the monitor into the PC socket several times. Silly, I know, but I just had a dodgy connection. No problems since - about eight months ago.

  SEASHANTY 15:50 15 Apr 2005

My 15" TFT monitor quite often shows varying degrees of pinkness. Its due to a bad connection on one of the VGA pins at the PC end. A waggle of the
plug at the PC graphics card input usually clears this - until the lead shifts again. I can live with this. Can't be bothered sorting it out.

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