Monitor screen keeps resizing itself - aarrgghh

  meldme 21:53 18 Feb 2005

Hi, I have just bought a new monitor - Iiyama Vision Master Pro 513. A couple of days ago, I noticed that the screen display has been readjusting its own size, not by much, about a sixteenth of an inch at a time. The screen size goes either smaller or larger than I have set it. I never see it actually happening, but when I turn the computer off and reboot, or leave it a few minutes it seems to happen. It is very unusual and never happened on my other monitor. It seems as though the monitor is not remembering the border I have set it at. Don't know if its something to do with the drivers. Can anyone help?

  woodchip 21:57 18 Feb 2005

As the Monitor warms up the screen should grow just a small amount. It's bit like a light bulb that gives more light when it's been on a bit

  meldme 22:03 18 Feb 2005

Hi, I know what you mean, but its not that, its a lot more noticeable, and the display seems to creep a small amount each time. Just looking at it now, the display has shrunk by about a quarter of an inch, since I switched it on, but it only does it in small increments, so its difficult to spot it moving

  Mango Grummit 22:03 18 Feb 2005

I don't post very much these days but when someone comes on and says "about a sixteenth of an inch" then at least woodchip and me understand what you mean ----- lol, post back with your OS and system specs please.

  meldme 22:10 18 Feb 2005

Hi, well I'm guessing about a sixteenth of an inch, but the screen size is definately shifting by noticeable amount, its just that each time it shifts, its only a tiny bit. But if I leave my pc on till tomorrow I'll probably have a 2" display lol. Dont know how many specs you want but-
Iiyama Vision Master Pro 513
Windows XP Pro
Asus Radeon 9600se
Athlon 2500

  Dan the Confused 22:14 18 Feb 2005

Faulty monitor? Maybe the CRT is duff.

  woodchip 22:15 18 Feb 2005

I would be inclined to contact Iiyama Or ask for a Replacment from where you bough it

  Dan the Confused 22:17 18 Feb 2005

You don't have any strong electro-magnetic fields next to it do you? :Z

  THE TERMINATOR 22:18 18 Feb 2005

Couple of things to try. Get the latest drivers for your monitor and graphics card. If these don't resolve the problem, then as your monitor is a new one, you could take it back and get a replacement....TT

  meldme 22:18 18 Feb 2005

If I can't sort it out soon I will be sending it back, but I am hoping to avoid all the hassle if possible

  Mango Grummit 22:19 18 Feb 2005

Yes, agree -- the monitor is duff. Take it back for replacement!

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