Monitor screen going black

  MIKE 21:10 18 Oct 2004

Hi Guys could anyone point me in the correct direction. My brother inlaws machine 98SE keeps crashing within about two mins of boot up maybe crashing is to strong. What appears to be happening is after about two mins the monitor screen just goes black my guess is the graphics card is not stable somehow. If you reboot everything comes up again and the same again. I have removed the side of his machine and when the screen goes black the prossesor fan is still spinning and powered up so suggesting to me no power problem. Is there any way I can test the graphis card without buying a replacement.
A second maybe a more simple question is can a hard drive from one machine running 98Se be change round with one from another machine running 98SE without problems.

  MIKE 21:30 18 Oct 2004


  Dan the Confused 21:45 18 Oct 2004

I'm not really a hardware guru but the easiest way to see if it is being caused by the graphics card would be to try another one and see if the problem still occurs. It would be easier than swapping hard drives as BIOS would need to be configured to recognise it and Windows drivers would need to be reinstalled for the hardware on the new machine.

  JonnyTub 21:52 18 Oct 2004

You'd have to be pretty fortunate to do a straight forward hard drive swap and it to boot. Many different variations such as chipsets, hardware setups, etc, stop most users doing this.

As for the graphics card, take it out and clean the connectors up by rubbing the contacts lighlty with a lint free cloth and replacing, making sure you reseat the card properly.

If that doesn't work, uninstall the drivers for it and install the latest one available.

  citadel 23:35 18 Oct 2004

Have you tried another monitor, it could have a fault.

  Gandalph 23:51 18 Oct 2004

Check the Power Profile in Control Panel, something may have set it to close the monitor down after a couple of minutes. It has happened to me a couple of times.

  MIKE 07:57 19 Oct 2004

Many thanks folks will try all your advice.

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