monitor says no signal when i turn pc on

  alroberts 11:42 15 Nov 2014

I turn monitor on, then start PC. Monitor says no signal, goes to blank screen. After several attempts it works. Could this be a PC fault, or is it the monitor? Thanks

  onthelimit1 12:00 15 Nov 2014

Could be the monitor, graphics card / chip or cable. Also worth checking that the connectors are screwed in tight at both ends.

  spuds 12:07 15 Nov 2014

Have to agree, might be anyone of the above suggests. Start with the cable first, that might be your cheapest and easier option.

  alroberts 17:01 15 Nov 2014

Thanks. Checked cable, seems OK. Will try to borrow a graphics card tomorrow to test that. Monitor OK when finally decides to work!

  wee eddie 17:07 15 Nov 2014

Re - seating the Graphics Card might do the trick

  wee eddie 17:18 15 Nov 2014

The "No signal" response is fairly standard stuff.

It means that the Monitor is working and it's getting no signal from the PC.

If you have recently unplugged the cable, check for a broken or bent pin, but that is unlikely because of the intermittent signal.

Best look to the PC itself

  stevethetester 17:26 15 Nov 2014


Had exactly the same issue with my daughters new PC a few days ago after a house move; turned out it was simply down to the memory stick being slightly loose. Would suggest that you make sure that your memory stick(s) are firmly in place as this would produce exactly the problem you are describing.

good luck.


  alroberts 11:45 20 Nov 2014

Only just managed to use another PC to update this.Have tried re seating memory. Graphics were built into mobo, tried new graphics card. Tried connecting with different cable, tried another monitor- still u/s! Is there anything with th PC itself that could cause the problem?? Running win7, 2 gig ram. Thanks

  alroberts 16:53 22 Nov 2014


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:41 22 Nov 2014

Tried another monitor or flat screen tv?

  lotvic 17:47 22 Nov 2014

Perhaps I misunderstood the problem, but if you are switching the monitor on first - the monitor won't get a signal until the pc boots up and sends the signal to the monitor.

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