Monitor questions

  newearwax 09:51 13 Feb 2010

Currently I have a LG1710 17" 4:3 ratio monitor and am not sure what size 16:9 I will need to get a display that outputs a similarly sized image in the vertical plane. I would not want anything that output smaller due to elderly sight.

I see that many (most) larger monitors are HD, but it's unlikely I shall use any HD source. Are non HD larger sized units available? Even if they were, would I be still better off with a HD unit, or worse?

  howard64 11:41 13 Feb 2010

you are stuck with what the market are selling with regard to HD. The hd simply means it is a decent quality but with monitors it will pay you to go and look at different ones on display in somewhere like pc world and see which picture you prefer. I bought a replacement for my old 19" monitor it is a 19" widescreen lcd model. This uses the 16:9 ratio and gives the same height as my original monitor but is considerably wider.

  hastelloy 15:35 13 Feb 2010

I'd go for the biggest you can afford and comfortably have space for. My preference is Samsung and it pays to shop around click here, though I personally would not buy from Pixmania, but ebuyer and Misco are both excellent companies. As howard64 says, go and have a look at some but don't let the larger models on show make you think that the smaller ones are very small (they look smaller in the shop).

  BRYNIT 15:45 13 Feb 2010

As the screen is measured across the diagonal, the easiest way would be to measure from top to bottom of your screen go into a shop and see which is the closed to your measurement.

  newearwax 17:34 13 Feb 2010

Apart from habing to accomodate their size, is there a downside to using larger screens? What's the quality of computer builders# (e.g. Dell) own branded displays?

  howard64 17:46 13 Feb 2010

Basically badged models - you really have to look at the specifications - time to display mseconds the type of illumination the latest use led backlights but expensive - can the position of the screen be adjusted or must you perhaps sit on a cushion etc. Length of warranty most are 3 years swap out. How many dead pixels before considered faulty etc., etc., I still say either you just take a chance or go and look at the displays. Do you perhaps have a friend with a new monitor that you could go and look at. As for size I am now on varifocals and as far as I am concerned the bigger the better as long as I can physically accomodate it.

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