Monitor Problems

  Nancy166 13:24 28 Sep 2009

I have a gnr plug and play monitor which has been fine up until yesterday when there was nothing on the screen. Flicking the power switch off and then on brought it back for about two seconds.

It keeps doing it and then stops. I was advised to remove the driver which I did and then it returned, later of course I discovered that there shouldn't be a driver because it's plug and play but it continues to sit there quite happily.

So I thought I'd better get my question in before it goes again.

Any ideas?



  Graphicool1 15:10 28 Sep 2009

Have you checked all the plugs to and from the Monitor?

  Graphicool1 15:15 28 Sep 2009

How old is it?

  Technotiger 15:18 28 Sep 2009

Most monitors have a separate Power pack - perhaps it is this which is starting to fail?

  Technotiger 15:19 28 Sep 2009

Begs the question also - what Driver did you remove?

  Graphicool1 15:29 28 Sep 2009

Try turning off your screen saver, it may be malfunctioning.

  Nancy166 19:06 30 Sep 2009

All the plugs are fine. It's three years old. This one doesn't have a separate power pack.

The driver is Generic PhP. It's still there. I'll try the screen saver.

Had a tech look at it and he said the problem was inside the monitor.

It's working perfectly well at the moment but not for long no doubt.

Thanks guys for your help but I think it'll have to be a new one or I might see what's on e-bay.


  Nancy166 09:06 01 Oct 2009

Just to add a footnote to this. Normally when I've finished with the computer I switch it off and then switch everything else off camera etc at the mains to do my bit for the planet.

Last night I just switched off the computer, didn't touch the mains and this morning turned the computer back on and it was working.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if it's a power cable.


  DieSse 09:15 01 Oct 2009

If you wiggle the poer cable where it plugs into the monitor, and it goes on and off - then either the plug needs pushing in more firmly, or the cable if faulty, or ...

...possibly there is a break in the soldering inside the monitor where the socket for the mains is soldered in. This happened to mine (due to frequent plugging/unplugging) - it's simple for a tech to fix.

  DieSse 09:16 01 Oct 2009

poer = power (in case there was any doubt!!).

  Nancy166 19:04 01 Oct 2009

Thanks DieSse,
I rarely unplug the monitor so I don't think it's that. I have noticed that when the computer is off and I then switch off the mains that there is a slight blip on the start button, less than a second. There could be a link to the problem.

Anyway the computer's been on and off three times today and the monitor's behaving perfectly.Fingers crossed.

Thanks all for your help.


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