monitor problems

  wolfman101180 19:40 11 Feb 2005

i have just built a pc but when i powered it up the monitor stayed on stand-by. I have checked the monitor - it works fine. I have swiched over the graphics card with another and the same problem persists so it can't be the card.
Does anybody have any ideas what could be causing this?

All suggestions welcome!

  fuzzyone 19:44 11 Feb 2005


your system may be using a higher refresh rate than the monitor can cope with.

If you can boot up your system with another monitor, turn the refresh rate down to 60Hz and apply the setting, then try again.

  mattyc_92 19:51 11 Feb 2005

What good whould that do... It is the BIOS that would have to be changed... But I don't think that there is a "refresh rate" option in BIOS, well not on any system I have ever had....

The motherboard may not be able to "cope" with the graphics cards.... Have you tried the graphics cards that you have used on the new system in another??

  wolfman101180 20:00 11 Feb 2005

I have tried another monitor and the same problem occurs.

The motherboard is Aopen S478 Intel 865PE ATX and the graphics card is Aopen GF FX5500 128MB AGP DVI-I VO. They are both brand new.

I don't think how incompatibility could be a problem.

  fuzzyone 20:02 11 Feb 2005


the refresh rate is changed from the desktop or control panel, and not the bios.

If you can get a hold of another monitor, you would be able to find out if it is the monitor, or the system that is causing the problem.

Are you getting a single beep from the system speaker when it boots up.?

  fuzzyone 20:04 11 Feb 2005


It could be anything from memory to power supply that could be the problem.

  wolfman101180 20:06 11 Feb 2005

It is definately not the monitor. I checked it by using another pc. There are no beeps when i boot up either.
Any other ideas?

  curlylad 20:08 11 Feb 2005

To change the refresh rate presuming you are using XP , right click a free area of your desktop , click properties , settings tab , advanced button , monitor tab , then under monitor settings change the refresh rate , via the drop down box , to 60 Hertz , click apply , click OK.

  wolfman101180 20:09 11 Feb 2005

Its definaely not the monitor.

Does anybody have any ideas what else it could be?

  mattyc_92 20:10 11 Feb 2005

Yes I know that, but I am getting the impression that the screen wont even show when the BIOS is doing it's thing... So that makes me think that the motherboard is having some sort of problem in reading the Graphics card....

  wolfman101180 20:14 11 Feb 2005

When i switched the graphics card with a perfectly working one the same problem occurred. So what does this mean?

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