Monitor Problems

  Binoboy 14:19 25 Apr 2004

I have just set up a new computer but I am having serious problems with the monitor. It is a Xiod AL15XA 15" LCD monitor and the problem seems to be that there are no drivers for it. I cannot find any online and as far as I am aware no CD came with it (I've set up the computer for a friend). I've been to the Samsung website to look for a driver (Xiod is a branch of Samsung) and I can't find the relevant driver there. Allegedly it is plug and play but Windows ME doesn't seem to be able to find a driver (as it is a new model).

Can somebody please tell me where I could find it or am I on the wrong track entirely?

  mgmcc 14:26 25 Apr 2004

Have you got the correct drivers installed for the "graphics card"? That's probably more important than drivers for the monitor, which should be alright, though not necessarily ideal, with default drivers.

  Binoboy 14:37 25 Apr 2004

It says there is a standard PCI graphics adaptor do I find out what the graphics card is?

  Binoboy 14:45 25 Apr 2004

It's a GeForce4 graphics card from what I can work out.

  Rayuk 14:50 25 Apr 2004

Go to
click here

  Binoboy 14:53 25 Apr 2004

Thanks, how likely is this to be the solution? The symptoms are I can't change colour or resolution and some areas of colour are very grainy.

  mgmcc 16:02 25 Apr 2004

The symptoms indicate graphics card drivers if you cannot alter colour/resolution.

TFT monitors usually have to be set at an optimum resolution, which for 15" is probably 1024 x 768, and optimum refresh rate which may be lower than a CRT monitor, possibly 60Hz.

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