monitor problems

  edwardmifflin 11:48 27 Sep 2003

Hi, i dont seem to be able to get any picture on my monitor, its not the monitor thats the problem because ive tried using other ones. It seems to me like the monitor is not getting any signal from my computer and so is not showing any picture, have u any idea what sort of problem this could be? Thankyou so much for any help

  bremner 11:56 27 Sep 2003

Two points I would check first.

1. The cable, is it connected properly at the computer end, are the pins bent etc.

2. If it is a PCI graphics card is it seated properly.

  edwardmifflin 12:01 27 Sep 2003

well ive tried other monitors with and the same problem occurs so it cant be the monitor cable. Guess i ought to take it to the shop and get them to check out the graphics card

  SEASHANTY 12:21 27 Sep 2003

Presume you have checked that the monitor is getting mains power supplied if its plugged into a separate socket. Does the green power indicator on the monitor light? Does it remain orange (i.e. in standby mode)? Is there any sign from the monitor at all when you first switch on?

  edwardmifflin 10:15 29 Sep 2003

hi yeah theres is a response, the green light comes on to start with but then it just goes to orange presumably because its nor getting any signal from the computer??

  MjM Hellfire 10:28 29 Sep 2003

Have you made any recent upgrades?

Have you been plugging the monitor into the graphics card while the PC is switched on?

  SEASHANTY 19:53 29 Sep 2003

Usually but not always if its a faulty graphics card you would get a series of beeps from the bios. This is a situation where onboard graphics would be of benefit. Then you could just switch over to the other SVGA plug as a test. Presumably the other monitor/s you have tried had their own connection cables so this would eliminate the cable also. It may very well be a faulty video card in which case if it were me I would try one of the several old cards I have. If you haven't any spare cards tho - and you cannot easily borrow one, then its a case of a repair technician. Doubt if they would repair a faulty card anyway. Too expensive. Cheaper to purchase a new one.

  woodchip 20:30 29 Sep 2003

Before you go any further are the lights flashing on the system box when you switch on

  SEASHANTY 11:15 30 Sep 2003

I presume its a regular CRT monitor you are using - not a TFT. If you can remove the graphics card from its AGP or PCI slot. See if your monitor will work with the standard VGA graphics drivers that windows uses. It will still have your original graphics card drivers installed which may be preventing any input to the monitor. You cannot remove these or disable in the bios until you can get something on the screen.

  edwardmifflin 19:21 30 Sep 2003

hi yeah i did recently get some more ram put on and no i havent plugged in the monitor while the pc is switched on. The lights do flash on the tower and as far as i can see the computer loadfs up fine, its just i cant see it! How much would it cost to get a new video card do you think?

  Djohn 19:56 30 Sep 2003

Can you remove the extra RAM and try again? remember to turn off not only the PC but the power at the wall as well. Modern motherboards still have a feed to them, even when turned off and removing/replacing memory while the board is still live may cause damage. j.

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