Monitor problem with Sp2

  Steve- 13:27 08 Jan 2005

I have just had another go at installing XP Sp2 on my computer following fairly serious problems with my Integral Flash drive and IPAQ Activesynch when Sp2 was first available, those progs are OK now following installation of an updated security application from the Integral help desk and Activesynch v3.8

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However I still have a problem with my monitor, a iiyama HM703UT A, on shut down it goes into standby about 7 seconds before the computer powers off then switches back on again with an unlocked white raster when the CPU power switches off. Uninstalling Sp2 cures the problem and the monitor goes into standby when the computer powers down. Although this is more of a nuisance than a major problem has anyone any idea what I can do to restore the correct behaviour?

  Steve- 10:02 09 Jan 2005


  AndySD 10:41 09 Jan 2005

Make sure you are using the latest drivers iiyama_drivers_23_12 zip click here How to instal them click here

  Steve- 12:44 09 Jan 2005

Thanks for that I tried updating but it made no difference, it maybe a timing problem on shutdown, the computer seems to shutdown some of the power ie. USB hubs etc about 7 secs before the fans etc switch off, the monitor switches into standby at the first power down then back on again at the second! I will try reverting some of my nvidia drivers and see if that helps.

  Steve- 09:23 28 Jan 2005

Problem solved by letting XP go and find it's prefered Video Card Drivers. It came up with Nvidia version 45.23 as opposed to the latest 66.93 that I had previously loaded.

Still don't understand why Sp2 should cause such a problem but suppose I can live with less than the latest drivers!

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