Monitor problem - picture collapsing

  scotty 10:42 06 May 2004

My Diamond plus 73 monitor (~4 year old) has started to collapse the picture to about the middle third of the screen. If I press on the top of the case it will return to normal for a short while which suggests the fault may be a bad contact. Knowing the dangers of the high voltages and residual charge in capacitors, I am reluctant to investigate.

Is it worth trying to repair the monitor or should I take advantage of the problem and splash out on a nice new TFT screen?

  Tog 12:31 06 May 2004

If you're not an electrician, chuck it and buy a new one. If you are, open it up and check the solder joints, it's 90% likely top be a dry joint.

What am I saying, if you were an electrician, you'd know this. Chuck it and buy a new one.

  Valvegrid 12:59 06 May 2004

Wise words from Tog, even if you are an electronics engineer like me, you can still have problems locating some of these faults. Some repair facilities charge around £60 per hour and a crt monitor costs between £50 - £80 new, so draw your own conclusions.

Not only that, it gives you a great excuse to splash out on that nice new TFT your after :-)

  johnnyrocker 13:03 06 May 2004

it will most certainly be a dry joint in the frame circuit either a chip or pair of transistors depending on manufacturer, likely to be a relatively minor repair if you know a friendly local repairman.


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