Monitor problem

  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 19:53 16 Jul 2003

I am having a small problem with a new BenQ FP791 monitor, which is connected using a DVI cable.

If the PC is powered down or goes into standby mode, there is no signal to the monitor the next thme the PC starts up or when the mouse is moved or a key is pressed when the machine is in standby.

The only way to cure this is to disconnect the monitor from the mains and reconnect it.

Any ideas how to solve this would be appreciated.

  STREETWORK 20:16 16 Jul 2003

You should check your options within the power management of window. Could be you are allowing your PC to go into full hibrination, Monitor, hard drive, etc. If this is the case it may take a while for it to wake up. Try and disable the power management if you do not need it and then selectivly alter it until you are happy. You should be able to access the options in the control panel, under power management.

  woodchip 20:24 16 Jul 2003

You would be better putting a separate power cable to the monitor, instead of running it from computer the if you are not doing any work for a while switch it of. it will save more than in standby mode that?s what I do

Thanks for reples.

I have no probelm with changing the power management settings but this will not solve the problem whereby there is no signal to the monitor when the PC first starts up. I also encountered this problem after a restart.

Woodchip, perhaps my wording was confusing but the monitor is connected directly to the mains.

  wee eddie 21:50 16 Jul 2003

Check your drivers - it sounds like a Graphics Card problem

Hello wee deeie.

Drivers are up to date. I fear that this is going to be difficult to resolve. I seem to recall some people having problmes with their PC's where disconnecting them from the mains was the only way to resolve this.

  wee eddie 22:50 16 Jul 2003

Luxury plus Limitless Audio Video equals Extreme Enjoyment
DPF, Digital Photo Frame
The FP791's external Digital Photo Frame (DPF) ismounted on top of the monitor and allows the user to capture and view pictures taken by a digital camera without connecting to a personal computer ormemory card reader. Images can be displayed in full-screen or slideshow mode.

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