Monitor problem

  ninky4 19:18 19 May 2010

Hi Folks Got a real problem which no one seems to be able to solve so here's hoping some one on this forum can help. When I try to play certain games the screen when I try to start the game goes into coloured lines up and down looks just like scottish plaid and I cannot get rid of it until I reboot. Has any one any idea what could be causing this thanks in advance for any ideas.

  PalaeoBill 19:44 19 May 2010

My fault finding would go in the order:
Are the correct/latest drivers installed - I would go as far as opening the case and reading the writing on the video card to make sure it is what you think it is, chipset etc.
Google the chipset and see if anyone else has reported problems with the game and your video card/chipset.
Is the video card overheating - games tend to run video GPU's to their extreme. Try running it with case open and a desk fan blowing into the case.
Is the game corrupt - will it run on another computer. Hackers have been know to put malicious code in ripped off games.
Is it a RAM fault on the main system board rather than the video card? Have you done a memory test.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 19 May 2010

The graphics settings in the game are set too high for the monitor.

You may need to open the games settings screen and change the video settings.

  STREETWORK 20:35 19 May 2010

Sometimes, just sometimes, its also worth updating the sound card drivers as these can conflict with the graphic driver, sometimes. Laos worth checking the graphics card is seated properly and monitor is fully plugged in...

  ninky4 12:02 21 May 2010

Thank you all for trying to help. I have tried all your sugestions and nothing works. Contacted Spin top games who I downloaded the trial game from and they have not been any help either, so glad I did not buy it, will not bother with it now as there are a lot of good games to be had so will look elsewhere All the best Jean

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