monitor problem

  mogwai 16:41 08 Jun 2005

hi hope you can give me some advice my screen doesnt seem to fit my monitor!!!! I had a flat screen and have now changed back to a CRT (its actually a friends comp that used to be mine) and now for some reason the screen is too big ive tried changing the size of the screen on the monitor and thru the display options on my gx card (RADEON 9000) and am stuck for what to do now? any help would be appreciated im running ME

  sinbad1 17:31 08 Jun 2005

To adjust your monitor screen size

1 Click here to view Display Properties at the Settings tab.
If you have more than one video adapter and are running an extended desktop, you must first select the video adapter whose display properties you want to change, by clicking on the associated display icon on this Properties page.
2 Click the Advanced button.
3 Click the Displays tab.
4 Click the Monitor button.
Your monitor must be enabled before you can change its display properties. Click here for more information.

5 Click the Adjustments tab.
6 Click the (+) and (-) buttons in the Vertical/Horizontal Screen area to change your screen size.
The (+) and (-) buttons under Vertical Screen increase/decrease the vertical size of your monitor display.

The (+) and (-) buttons under Horizontal Screen increase/decrease the horizontal size of your monitor display.

7 Click OK or Apply to save the changes you have made.


Size controls are not available if both a monitor and TV are set to the same display mode. Click here for information on how to change display modes.

Desktop Help for Windows XP, © ATI Technologies Inc., Version H6.01

the info above is for my radeon 9000 pro could be you need to select correct monitor

  mogwai 18:33 08 Jun 2005

yeh i did try this but had no luck I only have the one monitor enabled too, but even if i go to the minimum sizes the screen is still too big, ive tried the adjustments on the actual monitor aswell but a few of them dont seem to do anything at all could it just be that i need a new monitor? it is about 5 yrs old after all ive got to go out but ill check on this thread when i get back from the pub bout 11 ish

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