Monitor Problem

  Stryder 18:49 16 Aug 2004

I have a 17" monitor, no model, it came with a Time machine. I sometimes get a strange shimmer of the screen and then the power light changes colour, as if it is gone to standby mode. There is then a hissing noise that comes out of the speakers.Usually the monitor comes back on but lately when it comes back on I get a strange barrel shape on the screen with multi colours. The only way to remove it is to switch the monitor off for a few seconds then switch it back on. I have just changed the graphics card, for another reason and hoped this would cure it, it did not. I think the monitor has had it but would like to have your views first before I buy a new monitor.
Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 16 Aug 2004

Shimmers often caused by close proximity of mobile phones / other wireless equipment.

Barrel shape and multicolours have you got a deguaz (probably spelt wrong) option on your monitor.

  THE TERMINATOR 19:32 16 Aug 2004

You need to degauss your monitor. Look for the degauss button on your monitors menu, usually just under the screen there should be a menu button and directional buttons....TT

  Stryder 19:32 16 Aug 2004

Fruit Bat /\0/Thank you for your reply, I have no mobile or other wireless equipment near the monitor. In fact the layout of pc and surround has not changed for a few years and this problem only started a couple of weeks a go. I do have a degauss button and have tried it often but the probem still returns.

  THE TERMINATOR 19:35 16 Aug 2004

Do you have the latest drivers for your new graphics card, try searching the site for your card....TT

  Stryder 19:37 16 Aug 2004

I have used the degauss button often sometimes it starts playing up afew seconds after using it. The problem can occur at any time, and sometimes it can go for days without any trouble at all.

  Stryder 19:45 16 Aug 2004

I do have updated drivers. This problem first started before I changed the graphics card.

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