Monitor Problem

  14all 18:35 19 Jul 2004

My friends Dell computer monitor has developed an interesting fault. The screen has turned 45 degrees to the left, which makes it interesting to read, but rather hard on the neck muscles!
It happened while she had a book resting on the keys, which must have pressed a combination of keys. Has anyone seen this before?, if so how can she rectify it?

  pmjd 19:15 19 Jul 2004

Have a look in the display adapter settings, under the advanced tab. A Nvidia graphics card I have used had the abililty to change the display as you describe but I didn't know that keyboard shortcuts could do it!

  Smegs 19:15 19 Jul 2004

14all, If the monitor is the same as mine, there are five buttons on the front. The one in the middle is all the settings. Press it and look in Geometry. This will allow you to turn the picture.

  Dorsai 19:15 19 Jul 2004

Odd. Check for somthing magnetic near the screen. fridge magnets etc. long shot though.

  14all 19:22 19 Jul 2004

Thanks lads I know this is an odd problem thats why I brought it to this forum. I'll pass on the replies to my friend.

Cheers 14all

  14all 20:40 20 Jul 2004

Hi to all

Just thought you guys might wont to know the fix for this problem on a Dell E773p Monitor.

From Dell's forum:

Try some of these key strokes.

Press and hold the CTRL + ALT Keys + (on the Num Lock Pad
with Num Lock Off) hit 123 at the same or 456 or 789
These are the combinations to invert the screen and or turn
it on its side for Windows XP.
Maybe try this as well.


The above advice fixed the monitor problem.

Cheers 14all

  Smegs 15:50 23 Jul 2004

14all, all that does on my Dell pc is, take the page up or down. That is if there is a blue bar at the side of the Internet page. Dell Monitor P793.

  14all 17:17 23 Jul 2004

Hi smegs

Have you got this monitor problem as well?

The monitor display was on its side as if you had laid the monitor on its side.

My friend dropping a book on the keyboard started this problem, so we don’t know what keys or combination of keys it hit when it fell.

After a couple of days she was getting a bad neck so I posted the problem here, but at the same time she was searching the Dell forum, and found one other person who had this problem, Dell gave that person the fix I posted on this forum and my friend used it and it worked.

Now the screen is back to normal, but maybe this is a combination of keystrokes to get you out of this problem rather than using it to flip the screen display over on its side?

Dell’s forum is quite good, it takes a while to figure out what section you need to be in, but once found, there’s quite a lot of info on there, so if you do have the same problem and this fix isn’t working, why not try them.

  Smegs 19:58 23 Jul 2004

14all, sorry if I have lead you to think this, but no, I haven't. I was just trying the solution that Dell gave you. And it doesn't work for me.

Thanks anyway.

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