Monitor problem

  fullywired23 20:24 06 Feb 2004

MOBo ECS K7S5A 256RAM Athlon1600xp graphics card Gforce 4 TI 4200

The problem is that the computer won't switch the monitor on.It normally clicks once and turns screen on but it is clicking three clicks and not turning screen on.It is not the monitor because I have tried another one and that's the same. It was working fine and then I shut it down and when I came to start up the problem arose.
Has anyone any ideas?

regards viejo

  Gongoozler 20:31 06 Feb 2004

Hi viejo. The various clicks are possibly related to the monitor trying to switch resolution. The problem you have, though, is that unless you can get a picture it is difficult to know what to do to resolve the problem.

Do you get any of the boot screens you normally get before Windows starts up? If you get these, then you know that the computer is sending pictures and the monitor displaying them.

Do you get a POST beep. If you don't, then it isn't a monitor or display problem, but something more basic in the computer.

  fullywired23 20:47 06 Feb 2004

Gongoozler thanks for the reply

I'm not getting any screens at all and no POST beeps just the clicks

  plkiojh 21:35 06 Feb 2004

Hi viejo.

You didn't change FSB settings to o/c the processor by any chance did you?

I tried this once, and the exact same thing happened to me. I was using the same mobo as you, and there is a know issue with it. Some mobos wont POST above a certain FSB (150 in this case). Try clearing CMOS via the jumper caps on JP1 for 10 seconds, then set as before. Re-boot and see what happens.
All your BIOS settings will be defaulted if you do this remember. You will have to reset any personal BIOS settings. Hope this helps

  fullywired23 22:26 06 Feb 2004

Thanks plkiojh

I have just done as you suggested but it's just the same .Incidently on this board J4 is the csmos jumper

thanks again

  plkiojh 23:02 06 Feb 2004

Try holding the Ctrl Key during the boot sequence. Being a GeForce this will default your graphics card clock core speeds if they have been altered.

I'm inclined though to think that maybey the RAM is at fault and needs re-seating. RAM problems account for so many "dead systems"

  woodchip 23:13 06 Feb 2004

Try reseating the graphics card as you are hearing the post beeps for graphics fault

  Gongoozler 08:02 07 Feb 2004

Hi viejo. Try reseating the parts as suggested by plkiojh and woodchip. If this doesn't help, then I'm afraid that you may have a dead system. I suspect that the clicks you are hearing are from the monitor. So your problem is to find what is preventing the computer booting. The only way to do this is to remove as many of the suspects as possible. First make sure that the problem isn't just that power is not getting to the computer. Then after making a note of where all the parts are plugged in, disconnect and remove from the motherboard everything (including the drives) except the processor with it's heatsink, a stick of memory, the graphics card, the power connector, the power-on switch and the case speaker. If your computer still won't POST, then you will have to find by a process of elimination which part has failed. If you can get a voltmeter you can check one of the spare drive power connectors for 12V and 5V to give some confidence that the power supply is working correctly.

  fullywired23 09:57 07 Feb 2004

Thanks to all who responded to my post.I will try your suggestions and let you know the results.

Regards Viejo

  fullywired23 11:25 07 Feb 2004


Tried it this morning and now it won't switch on at all,so it must be the PSU.
Is there any way of testing it? before buying a new one?


  ensonricky 11:49 07 Feb 2004

I agree the PSU is a possible cause but I had a similar problem where i tried a PSU I knew worked and the problem remained. The problem was finally solved by changing the motherboard.

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