monitor problem

  citadel 19:19 13 Aug 2003

My monitor has started playing up. Somtimes the screen flashes to black, somtimes it stays black and I have to re-boot. Other times the screen stays coloured but twitches the returns to normal. The monitor came with the pc and has the Tiny logo on it. I have win ME and an asus ti4200 card that is a few months old.

  pepe 19:23 13 Aug 2003

If possible try the monitor on another PC to establish that the fault lies with the monitor. Sounds like it's packing up to me.

  Deano68 19:34 13 Aug 2003

I agree with pepe if it doesn't work on another pc read it it's last rights and give it a good send off! :-)

  wee eddie 19:46 13 Aug 2003

Does it sometimes run normally afterwards.

If this is the case, it opens the possibility that you have a problem in the PC. Have you got 'On Board Graphics' or a 'Graphics Card'.

If a card, it might be worth removing the card and re-seating it.

  citadel 18:10 14 Aug 2003

I have bought a new monitor and all is now ok.

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