Monitor powerdown & MS Updates

  Yokel 15:50 20 Oct 2003

I may be wrong to assciate the two but the monitor powerdown problem started after the reboot following installation of the set of four MS Windows XP updates ( KB828035 etc ).

The screen saver runs OK after 5 mins of non-activity but when the monitor should go to standby (15min delay) it now reverts to the 'welcome' (=user logon) screen and stays on full power. If however I select the 'blank' screensaver the monitor does go to standby as it did before the Windows Updates.

XP Home SP1 with all patches, ADI Microscan on ATI RagePro 128. Dell Dimension 8250.

Any clues folks ?

  Taff36 16:23 20 Oct 2003

I think this is to do with power saving. Go to Display Properties > Screen Saver tab > Power and check that the system standby isn`t set to a time less than the monitor turns off. From what you`ve described the monitor seems to be still on because you can see the log on screen. Also have you ticked the "On resume password protect" box because that does something similar to what you`ve described.

  Yokel 19:09 20 Oct 2003

I've been round and round the power saving options. I have monitor=15mins, disks=never,standby=never and password protect from standby was set but should never happen of course.
I have unset the screensaver's 'on resume display welcome screen' and now I get my active session screen back when the monitor should power down.
I'll continue with the 'blank' screen saver instead of my usual [email protected] one as this allows the monitor to power down as indicated by the coloured lights on the monitor switch( no processor activity for 'blank'? ).

Thanks anyway Taff.

  Yokel 13:16 23 Oct 2003

Having tested further it seems that it is only the Direct 3D screensavers (3D Text etc.)that cause this behaviour. The others including Seti allow the monitor to power down so it's more puzzle than problem.

  Yokel 13:39 31 Oct 2003

perhaps another update will put things right.

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