Monitor and pixels settings

  [DELETED] 08:34 14 Jun 2006

My sharp flat screen monitor pixel setting is set to 800 x 600.
I think it should be higher than this , am I right and what should it be please.

  [DELETED] 08:45 14 Jun 2006

I would have thought 1024 x 768.

  hssutton 08:57 14 Jun 2006

1024 X 768 for 15"

1280 x 1024 for 17 & 19"

1680 x 1200 for 20"

there are some slight variations on certain models, but the above are more or less standard.

  [DELETED] 08:59 14 Jun 2006

thanks, yes its a 17" monitor.

  [DELETED] 09:00 14 Jun 2006

mine is way of if its 800x600 then

  [DELETED] 09:03 14 Jun 2006

Yes, you'll notice a huge difference when you set it to 1280 x 1024.

  [DELETED] 09:04 14 Jun 2006

Thanks very much.

  [DELETED] 11:02 14 Jun 2006

I have had it on the new 1280x1024 settings all morning and i am finding it giving me eye stain as the writings so small. does it have to be so small as the web pages are only filling up 3/4 of the screen ,

  [DELETED] 12:32 14 Jun 2006

I notice that although you have ticked this as resolved you have a query about text size.
The problem with web pages is that the authors do not always cater for the higher resolutions. You can increase the text size for viewing bu going to View Text Size and increasing it.
Clear Type can help as well
click here.
For your desktop adjusting the display settings - appearance - font size can also help.
Going from 800 x 600 to 1280 x 1024 is a big change and it can take a little while to get used to. I now find I don't like 800 x 600!

  hssutton 14:06 14 Jun 2006

Pleased you provided the extra info, I was in a big rush this morning and forgot. I now view my 20" at 1680 X 1200, there's know way that I would like to go back to other resolutions

  [DELETED] 14:53 14 Jun 2006

yes that better, thanks for the info.

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